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What our Clients say...
We had a lovely evening with Chris Hambleton as our fantastic wine tasting tutor.

The wines were all perfect and our guests were very impressed... an ideal event for us to consider again and again... everyone did all they could to make our evening a success.

We would love to speak to Chris again and use him for an in-house wine tasting event we are planning.

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A Wine Tasting party is great fun and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

We can find a venue for you or we can come to your offices, or your home. Home wine tastings are proving very popular in this recession as you don’t have venue costs to add. We bring everything - all the glasses, wine, tutor and food too if you want it included, a full buffet or just nibbles. Entertaining at home has never been so easy! Minimum numbers are 8 – maximum are 200.

These events are fun and informal and we can introduce competitions and quizzes to get everyone involved and into the party mood.

For example

1. Champagne vs Sparkling Wine

Can you tell the difference between a good sparkling and Champagne? We will show 2 wines interesting to see if people can tell them apart! Great as an ice-breaker as everyone loves the bubbly.

2. Call My Bluff

We can use our tutors, or we can use individuals from each team, but this is based on the TV series. Teams will taste 3 wines, and there will be 3 descriptions of each read out loud. Teams have to decide which one is the truthful one.

3. Major Grapes

Here teams will taste 3 of the main major grape varieties e.g. chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, merlot, cab sav, riesling and pinot noir. Each team has to provide a detailed description of each wine – the most accurate wins. Obviously we help them do this and we do encourage some outrageous adjectives, a great fun round.

4. Blind Tasting

Wines the teams will have tasted in the previous rounds will be poured ‘blind’ with the teams having to deduce which wine is which – see how their notes and tastebuds can remember what’s gone before.

5. General Knowledge

Lots of questions on wine and wine/food combinations, including best wine description of the night.

6. Wine Casino

Think you’re an expert on fine wines – try and outbid your rivals to bid for the best vintages.

Know Your Grapes – fun wine tasting in the Kensington

Chateau Harry is running a series of wine and food matching tastings in the heart of Kensington held monthly on selected Saturday afternoons. We will show 9 different wines concentrating on the 9 major grape varieties:

Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvingon, Shiraz and Semillon.

But this is more than a simple wine tasting – here you will see how the wines match with a 4 course menu included too. The idea is to get to know the major grapes, so you can see which is your favourite, but also experience how food harmonises with the wines to change your opinions.

As Chateau Harry says:

“Everyone thinks they know these wines – e.g. not Chardonnay again! But we want to show how prejudice has got in the way of some fantastic wines. This is an opportunity to re-evaluate these grapes and most importantly match them with the right foods. You’ll have fun and you’ll leave the tasting very merry and bright!“

The cost is £135 per person. Timing is 2.30 – 5.30pm. A great opportunity to entertain friends, family or just to enjoy yourself.

About Rydges

Rydges Hotel is situated opposite Gloucester Road tube station in Kensington.
Ideal for shopping, museums, the Albert Hall, Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park.
The wine tasting will take place in the Oak Room.    We get special accommodation rates, so do ask.

Smoked chicken and pulled ham hock terrine with rustic bread and remoulade.
Or Grilled Asparagus spears with soft poached Hen’s egg, balsamic glaze parmesan and land cress
Slow braised brisket of beef with roasted root vegetables,salsa verde and horseradish cream
Or Tagliatelle with wild mushrooms and truffle cream
Blue cheese               
Homemade Lemon Tart

Dates of Know Your Grapes Tastings so far in 2013:

16 March, 20 April, 22 June, 20 July

telephone : 020 8675 6172